I finally decided to put this site up after many years.

There was a time when my voice, and many other voices, spoke out to make sure that Vietnam vets were taken care of. As a Vietnam vet with a load of combat experience, who came out of the war in luckier shape than others, I felt it was my responsibility to be involved. It took a lot of years, and a lot of letters to a lot of people, to reach a point where vets were getting the attention they needed, and I felt able to just "kick back" and live my life.

Now I find myself speaking up again, and again having a personal stake. This time it's for the men and woman who have come back from Iraq and Afghanistan. The letters and phone calls have started again. Some results have been produced, while so many other areas are being overlooked or underfunded, but many of our wounded vets still aren't getting the level of medical help they need. I am not satisfied with what I'll call "after combat" assistance.

Over the past 48 months, through Birchrun Advisers (TA) I have invested in, and arranged funding for, 12 emerging veteran businesses and a total of $22 million dollars

There's so much to do and so many people to write to and speak to. I don't expect to be the one who gets it all done, but I am asking you to be one of many.

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VFW Letter Recommendation for Medal of Honor

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